Who we are

Shimeba combines cutting edge location technologies witha simple yet powerful user interface to provide the best indoor navigation experience one can think of.

Our meter precise location technology spots the visitors' exact location inside the venue and can then easily lead them to their destination, even in the most complex architectures.

We all use outdoor navigation solutions to get from one place to the other. But what do we do once we enter the door? How can we navigate indoors and find the store we are looking for inside a huge shopping center or our next class in our maze-looking university?

How it works


Searching for the best solution, we found that maximalaccuracy is achieved through a combination of several ofthe most advanced location technologies available today.


We use, among others, Wi-Fi-based positioning that measuresthe intensity of the received signal from the already existing access points inside the buildings. Similarly, we use Bluetooth-based positioning that supports both Android and iOS applications.


The sensors available on the mobile device, such as the device's accelerometer, magnometer and gyroscope, add another layer that detects the users' movement, pace and heading.


The top layer constitutes our own developed algorithms that provide an even smoother navigation experience and are tailoredto fit the specific needs and characteristics of each venue.